The great British pub. No other country quite gets our love and obsession with our locals. They are at the heart of our community and culture - where we catch-up, celebrate, and come together.

They are the places we pile into after work to dissect (or forget) our day. Where we swarm to on a hot day, and cram into on a cold one. Places drinks are spilled, quizzes are lost and memories are made.

But today, pub culture is at risk. Pubs will be some of the last businesses to reopen post-lockdown, and many can’t access government relief schemes. 

It got us thinking we'd love a way to show solidarity with our local favourites whilst closed. The more we spoke to our friends, it became clear they felt the same way. 

We got in touch with illustrators and designers across the country to create limited edition merch for legendary locals across London. Made to order T-shirts and totes with all proceeds going directly to the pubs. 

So whilst we may not be able to get through their doors for now, we can still shout some support from home. 


Louisa, Rebecca, Danny and Josh

Four Londoners who love (and miss) their pub.