Support your local from home.

The great British pub. No other country quite gets our love and obsession with our locals. They are at the heart of our community and culture – where we catch-up, celebrate, and come together.

But in 2020, pub culture faced its toughest year ever. Confined to closures and takeaways. They were some of the last businesses permitted to reopen post-lockdown, and many were unable access government relief schemes. 

Keep Pubs Pumping was formed in the first lockdown of March 2020 as a way to show solidarity with our local favourites whilst closed. By creating limited edition merchandise we were able to raise funds whilst wearing the tees helped show love and care for the locals we missed most.

Working with illustrators and designers across the country we were able to support over 20 pubs. With over 1000+ items sold we raised near £25,000! With all proceeds going directly to the pubs. Some even stock the tees on premise.

We all have a responsibility to keep our locals afloat. If you love your local, make your plans there. Always opt for independent.


Louisa, Rebecca, Danny and Josh

Four Londoners who love (and miss) their pub.